Strong words, from my guest at this time~

Intergender World Champions is a¬†commentary and criticism website. It’s a place¬†for non-binary people and women to share their opinions about pro-wrestling — that’s professional wrestling from any country, any company, and really with any definition of “pro-” — without being drowned out or shouted down by the usual suspects.

IGWC is trans-positive, pro-women’s wrestling, and pro-respect. Our comment policy is be worth it or fuck off. Thank you.

IGWC is edited with full feedback at every drafting stage, so your piece will be the best it can be. To pitch us please email extremelyscary at gmail dot com with the gist of what you want to write. Claire Napier will take your message; your editor will be one of several standing by.

Nobody here gets paid. Everybody gets the satisfaction of being heard. If you’d like to become a member of our Slack community, need Facebook recommendations, or just want to say “hi, here’s my twitter, let’s be mutuals!” don’t hesitate to get in touch.